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About Us

Having to leave your pet behind at home while you’re off to work or on vacation is always one of the most dismaying parts of leaving the house. Even if you have multiple pets to keep each other company, they often don’t have much to do but lounge about the house. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where your pet could hang out with tons of other furry friends and get daily love, attention, and exercise while you’re away? (And for a price that won’t break the bank, like many pet resorts.)
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This was the vision of Brazilian veterinarian, Carolina Facciolo, when she brought to life Pet Play Town in 2019! She wanted to take her passion for pet care in a different direction by helping owners care for their pets on a day to day basis!

Pet Play Town includes all aspects of pet care: daycare, professional dog grooming, and overnight boarding. On this half acre of doggy paradise, your dogs will never be bored with plenty of fun activities led by our caring staff, lots of outdoor space to run and chase each other around, and even mini pool areas so that your dog can cool off at will.

Find us in Orlando, FL or call to learn more!

Choose Us For A Barking Good Time!

Many pet owners choose us because it’s where their dogs love to be most (aside from being home with you that is)!
We also provide many amenities to take care of and entertain your pet with the best service possible!

Half Acre Lot

Pet Play Town sits on a spacious half acre lot, with an indoor and outdoor area, so that no matter the weather or inclination, your dog has plenty of room to run about to their heart’s content!

Professional Grooming

We offer several professional grooming packages, for both dogs and cats, of all shapes and sizes! Groomings are comprehensive and can include a bath, brush out, haircut, nail clippings, teeth brushing, and more!

Overnight Boarding

If you’re out of town for a few days and can’t bring your furry family member with you, leave them with us— we’ve got everything they’ll need to have a great time! Provide your own bedding, toys, and food so that they feel more at home, or rely on our own amenities, your dog will be well taken care of until it’s time to go home!


Pet Play Town has worked with pets of many breeds, sizes, and dispositions, and is always accommodating to your dog’s specific needs. Just let us know the essentials, and we’ll make sure they’re taken care of!

Professional Staff

Your dogs are taken care of by compassionate, professional dog-lovers with an eye for details. This ensures that each pet gets the attention and care they need so that everybody’s happy!


Pet Play Town is a cage-free environment! Your dogs will never be cooped up in a small crate or pen for the majority of their stay— instead they’ll be enjoying their day playing with other dogs, running about our half acre lot, participating in fun group activities, and probably enjoying a good amount of belly rubs. How does Daycare work? Your dog will be placed in a Pack based on size and disposition, so that they can best enjoy our facilities and activities with other dogs they’re most likely to feel comfortable with. We have a multitude of toys and activities planned out so that your dog will never be bored. Many of our furry clients enjoy playing fetch, tug of war, chasing each through the grass, and cooling off in one of our mini pools.

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Regular cleanings are just as essential for your pet as they are for you! Getting a routine dog grooming promotes overall health, as well as maintaining good skin and coat condition. Some pets are nervous about their grooming appointments. We always try to make grooming a positive experience, led by gentle, caring groomers. Our grooming salon is always clean and sanitized. One of our unique features is that we’re also equipped with silenced dryers to make sure the experience is as stress free as possible for your dog or cat. All baths include nail trimming and ear cleaning. Medicated or flea shampoo can easily be used upon request. Make sure to ask about extra services we can add on! At Pet Play Town, we work with professional pet groomers who know how to make your pet even more adorable and healthy!

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If you’re out of town for a few days and can’t bring your furry family member with you, leave them with us— we’ve got everything they’ll need to have a great time! Your dog will be well taken care of until it’s time to go home! Being left behind for a few days can often be upsetting to many dogs, which is why they’ll need extra love and attention. Our caring staff members take note of this and make sure that your dog is happy and doing well throughout the day. Pet Play Town is a busy place, but one thing we always stay on top of is sanitation. With many pets coming and going, it’s one of our highest priorities to make sure that each overnight kennel and daytime play area is freshly cleaned so that your pets stay healthy! Call to learn more about our overnight services and the vaccinations your pet will need to stay with us!

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Keep Your Critters Clean!

Cat & Dog Grooming

Dogs and cats need baths too! Keeping your pets clean is just as essential as keeping yourself clean. In fact, there are many different benefits a good bath can give your pet that you might not even realize. And, if done right, many pets actually enjoy a nice, warm grooming experience. Founded by a veterinarian, no one knows how much good a bath can do like Pet Play Town!

Here’s 4 benefits your pet will get from a routine grooming:

Keeps Their Furry Coats Clean

The most obvious thing a bath can do is keep your pet's fur clean, removing dirt, fungus, and odors that are bad for their health (and bad for your nose).

A Bath Can Reduce Infection & Inflammation

A bath not only cleans your pet's fur, but also their skin, clearing away any irritants that may cause infection or inflammation.

A Pet’s Bath Can Improve Your Health!

A regular bath for your pet will actually help reduce the number of allergens that end up in the air, keeping you healthier as well!

Give Your Pet A Calming, Therapeutic Experience

Just as many humans enjoy warm, rejuvenating showers, so do many pets enjoy a relaxing, warm bath!

Take Care of Their Paws And Their Jaws!

Pet Dental Cleanings

You wouldn’t skip brushing your own teeth— so why skip it for your pets? Unhealthy gums and teeth in cats and dogs have actually been linked to compromised organs and overall health. That’s why regular dental cleanings for your pet are absolutely imperative.
In short, as plaque builds up on your pet’s teeth, damaging bacteria will soon build up as well. This will cause infection in your pet’s mouth, and likely enter their bloodstream, spreading to integral organs that see a lot of blood flow, such as the heart, kidneys, and brain. With a weakened immune system, any number of life-threatening diseases can follow at this point.
Don’t risk your pet’s life with poor dental hygiene. Let the professionals at Pet Play Town take care of them today!

Keep an eye out for dental disease in your pet’s mouth with these Top 10 Warning Signs:

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Give your pets the best at Pet Play Town! We are a full-service pet care paradise with daycare, professional dog grooming, and overnight boarding. Your dog will be constantly entertained, making friends with dogs their size, running about our spacious outdoor and indoor facilities, engaging in daily activities with our professional, dog-loving staff, and much more! Located in Maitland, we help many pet owners throughout Orlando, FL take care of their furry family members every day! Call Now to learn more!



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