Benefits to Regular Groomings

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Keeping your dog groomed on a regular basis is essential to good coat health, but how often do you end up getting them scheduled and done? Wouldn’t it be great to have one location for all of your pet grooming and boarding needs? Then Pet Play Town in Orlando is for you!
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Benefits of Regular Groomings

Did you know that there are many other benefits to having regular groomings for your pets? Not only does it help aid in shedding less, it helps remove all the built up oil and dead skin cells on their coat. All that excess oil, dander and skin cells on your dog can lead to a poor coat and associated smells, making it unpleasant to be around your pooch.

Getting groomed regularly also means more eyes on your dog. Checking for ear mites or simply removing excess hair around the ears will keep your dog happy and healthy, steering them away from possible ear infections and possible deafness. Groomers can easily trim those pesky nails too, which can help keep their bones happy and healthy, along with your floors.

Regular grooming and washing can aid in early detection of any fleas or ticks that could be hanging out on Fido, too. Fleas and ticks can live in almost any climate; keeping an eye on your dog’s coat and nipping any dander or suspected fleas right away can save you a headache in the long run!

Bodies change, and so do your dog’s! Having someone else checking out your dog’s coat and skin on a regular basis can help aid in detecting any new skin infections, bumps or lumps that may have been missed. It’s easy to get into a routine and miss any peculiarities that your pooch may have developed in the last few months.

And if you have a long-haired dog, chances are there are a few mats hiding here and there in your dog’s coat without you even knowing. Over time, though, these mats can get worse and cause a lot of pain and discomfort, even skin infections if left for too long. Regular groomings can keep your dog’s coat mat-free and shiny.

What Dog Grooming Is Near Me?

Still struggling to find a great dog groomer time after time? Pet Play Town is your answer! They provide many services for your dog grooming needs. Started in 2019, Pet Play Town is located on a spacious half acre lot in the Fern Park and Orlando Mainland. They offer multiple grooming packages for both dogs and cats, grooming all shapes and sizes. Their grooming packages can include anything from the basic brushing, bathing, and haircuts to nail trimmings, teeth brushings and more.

Pet Play Town also offers doggie daycare and overnight boarding. With our half acre lot, there’s plenty of room for a dog of any size to exercise and get all their energy out. And if you have to leave town and your pet for a few days, we have you covered. Bring along food, bedding and toys, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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We know every pet is an individual, and are here to accommodate any and all breeds and sizes. Let us know what your pet needs and we’ll ensure both person and pet are happy as can be! A stinky dog means it’s time to hit Pet Play Town! Give us a call today to get set up with the best service around!









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